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Welcome to the Kairos Ezra Support Website

Ezra is designed to help guide the Weekend Leader in the daunting task of recruiting and preparing a team for the awesome experience that
we call "Kairos." This web site is an additional feature of Ezra to assist you in your preparations. It is primarily intended to help answer
questions you may have about the use of the software. The web site is divided into convenient sections to make it easy for you to find what
you need. You access those sections at any time by the buttons above.

You should take note of the Revision of your Ezra software so that you can select which version of the FAQs or Tutorial Videos are relevant
to your installation. You'll find the Ezra revision in the upper right corner of your Ezra screen:

Weekend Leader Ezra Screen
OL1/Angel Coord Screen
If you don't yet have Ezra, the current version of Ezra is Revision 7 and it would be the most productive for you to view.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
The FAQ section will provide answers to commonly asked questions.

We've included video training tutorials for Ezra. Each tutorial video focuses on one section of Ezra so that you can go to the specific section
that you might need to brush up on.

Team Prep Videos
Ezra uses a lot of videos to help in the team formation process (like Skit or Spiritual Experience or Team Bonding videos as well as key
videos used in the team meeting itself). We've included those videos here for easy review by other team members.

AKT Videos
Ezra utilizes videos to assist you in Team training and we've included them here on the website, too, for easy viewing over the internet.

Still have a question or need some help, you can contact an Ezra Tech Support volunteer for your area for help.